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Skinning Machine for Cinnamon Bark Installed

In the past, our Cinnamon/Cassia scraped is mainly skinned manually.  In this way, the efficiency is very low: one person usually scrapes about 100kg fresh barks.  Therefore, the labor charge is rather high.  

After quite a bit experiment, the skinning machine for Cinnamon/Cassia bark has eventually been invented.  With this machine, the efficiency has greatly been improved: one machine peels about 5000kg fresh barks.   That means one machine can do the work of 50 people. 


In the past, usually 100 people in a factory scraped fresh barks,   getting about 1mt fresh scraped barks a day.  In 60 harvest days we could get only about sixty tons of fresh barks, which made only 30 tons of dried goods.   This is far from the quantity our clients want.

Now we have installed 2 machines, getting 10 tons of fresh scraped barks a day.   In 60 days of harvest time, we can have totally 600 tons of fresh scraped barks, which make up 300 tons of dry goods.   With these two machines, we can so far make enough dried scraped cinnamon barks for our clients.

With these two machines, our processing cost has eventually been lowered.  As a result, we hope our Cinnamon Stick Scraped (Cigar Cinnamon) will be more competitive in the market.

Post time: Mar-26-2022