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P and P Trading Moved to New Office

Earlier this year, Guangxi P and P Trading Co., Ltd moved to a new office: RM 816-817 BLDG. 2 Shi Mao INTL Center No. 17 Ping Le AVE., which is located at the center of Finance Street of Nanning city.

Decorated with plenty of evergreen trees and flowers, the surroundings there are very beautiful and attractive. As a result, the air there is very fresh, giving you a very relaxed mood in the office. This will make you feel energetic during your work.
In this building, there is a Fitness Center. When staff members feel tired, they can have fitness exercise during rest hours.


The main street there is an avenue which is a very big one with good traffic.   It takes about 10 minutes to drive from the main bus station to there.  

Many organizations related with company’s business are also there.   For example, many insurance companies and big banks are in neighbour buildings.   The Customs and their laboratories are also nearby.   Such government office as Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce and Tax Bureau are not far away.   All these are very convenient for the company's business. 

In the past, the company office was located at No. 83-4, Xian Hu AVE. MID., which is in a residential area.   It used to take about an hour for a staff member to travel to the Customs or Tax Bureau.   Now, it takes a staff member only about 5 minutes to go to those organizations--it saves much time.

Traffic communication there is also very convenient.   3 bus stops are close: Bus No.220, No. 26, and No. 48.  In addition, there are two metro stations nearby: Line 3 and Line 4.   In a word, it's very convenient for visitors go to the company's office.   Dear distinguished guests from all over the world, you are warmly welcomed to Guangxi P and P Trading Company to negotiate friendly cooperation.

Post time: Apr-14-2022