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Is star anise good for diabetes?

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Star anise, botanical name Illicium verum Hook. f., is a plant of Magnoliaceae and Illicium .

Star anise tree is crown tower-shaped, oval or conical; the bark is dark gray; the branches are dense. Leaves of star anise tree irregularly alternate, obovate-elliptic, oblanceolate or elliptic; The regular brown fruit blooms from March to May, ripens from September to October, blooms from August to October, and ripens from March to April of the next year; Pollen red to dark red, single leaf axillary or near terminal; The pedicel is 20-56 mm long, the aggregate fruit is full and straight, and the follicles are mostly 8, octagonal.

Star anise is a famous flavoring and also used for medicine. The peel, seeds and leaves contain aromatic oil, which is an important raw material for cosmetics, sweet wine, beer and food industry.

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Star anise is also a common Chinese medicine.   It regulates blood sugar mainly due to the presence of anethole. Some studies have found that this powerful compound can improve blood glucose and maintain normal blood glucose level by regulating some key enzymes related to carbohydrate metabolism. When cooking, you can sprinkle one or two octagonal pods every day, which can help regulate blood sugar level. It sounds really exciting.


Of course, it should be emphasized here that any diet regulation can only be used as an auxiliary treatment, and cannot be treated with drugs.


In addition, some lawless elements will adulterate something similar to star anise in order to seek benefits. For our health, it is particularly important to identify the true and false star anise. How can we identify the authentic star anise and its fakes through conventional means in daily life?


First, look at the number of corners. Octagon generally has 8 corners, but some of them occasionally have 9 corners because of the growing environment. As long as the 8-9 corners are basically octagon, while the grass usually has 10 to 14 corners.

Second, look at the corner. The octagonal angle is round and not sharp, and the outer edge is relatively smooth, while the angle of the grass is straight with hook, and the outer edge is uneven.


Third, smell. When you buy, you can smell the taste of anise in your hands. The smell of anise is very strong, and the grass is basically tasteless.


Fourth, look at the color. Octagon is generally brownish red and shiny; The color of the grass is lighter, and it also has a yellow color.


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