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How to Use Pseudo-Ginseng Powder to Treat Knife Wounds?

Pseudoginseng powder

Pseudo-ginseng, scientific name: Panax notoginseng (Burkill F. H. Chen ex C. H.) is a perennial erect herb of Araliaceae and Panax genus, up to 60 cm in height. The main root is fleshy and spindle-shaped. The rhizome and fleshy root are precious Chinese medicines, which have the effects of stopping bleeding, dispelling blood stasis, reducing inflammation, relieving pain and nourishing, and are the main medicines for treating bruises. Flowers and leaves also have the effect of clearing away heat.Pseudo-ginseng (Radix Pseudoginseng)03

If the finger is cut by a knife, usually pseudo-ginseng powder can be used to stop the bleeding. Pseudo-ginseng powder can be applied to all kinds of bleeding inside and outside the human body, whether there is stasis or not, especially when it is accompanied by stasis and bleeding, the clinical curative effect is better. Pseudo-ginseng powder is warm in nature, sweet and slightly bitter in taste, and returns to the liver and stomach meridian. Pseudo-ginseng powder not only removes blood stasis and stops bleeding, but also promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, and also tonifies deficiency and strengthens the body. For bruises, broken tendons, or swelling and pain due to blood stasis, Pseudo-ginseng powder is the first-choice medicine.

Pseudo-ginseng (Radix Pseudoginseng)06

Pseudo-ginseng powder can be directly applied to the wound. If it is used together with blood-activating and Qi-promoting medicine, the effect of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain will be better. In addition to using pseudo-ginseng powder to stop the bleeding when the finger is cut, it is also necessary to judge the size and depth of the wound and treat it according to the doctor’s advice. If the wound is shallow and the bleeding is not much, it can be disinfected with povidone iodine, and then compressed with gauze or pseudo-ginseng powder to stop the bleeding.


If the wound is deep, the wound is large, and the bleeding is profuse, gauze or clean cotton cloth should be used to pressurize the wound to avoid excessive bleeding, and you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Treat the skin wound symptomatically, rinse and disinfect it repeatedly with hydrogen peroxide, normal saline, and povidone iodine, and suture to stop bleeding if necessary. At the same time, inject tetanus antitoxin to prevent tetanus infection. Keep the wound dry and clean during treatment, and follow the prescribed time Come to the hospital to change the dressing, and use antibiotics to prevent infection under the guidance of a doctor.


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