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Harvest of Star Anise Spring Crop Comes

The harvest of Star Anise Spring Crop has eventually come.

One day after Chinese Spring Festival, We drove to a mountainous producing area of Star Anise. On the way, we passed quite a few hills on which many Star Anise trees are grown. We stopped at a few places and talked to farmers collecting Star Anise fruits.

In many places we found on the trees, the spring crop of Star Anise fruits were not so many. Usually when the harvest of the spring crop of Star Anise comes, the price will decline it by bit. Because the yield of this spring crop is expected to be low, however, the price remains quite firm.

When farmers are collecting Star Anise spring crop, the fruits of Autumn crop have already taken shape.  However,  since the main producing areas were visited by frost in last winter,  the growth of Star Anise Autumn Crop 2022 has been heavily affected: the small fruits not looking so healthy.  Usually when the  yield is good,  Star Anise fruits form large clusters.   Unfortunately,  we could see only scanty fruits hanging sporadically on the tree branches- a sign of low yield.  From this we can predict that the yield of Autumn crop will probably be rather low.

star anise trees

As for sales, 70% of Star Anise is sold in domestic market; 30%, exported. Usually when it becomes warmer, the demand in domestic market declines. However, thogh it has already been quite warm now,  domestic sales have not decreased so far. In addition, foreign buyers also keep buying goods although the price has been much higher than before.

Still another thing: this year, many manufacturers are also buying Star Anise fruits to distill Star Anise Oil. This is unusual: they usually distill oil with Star Anise leaves instead of fruits!

As a result, the price for Star Anise Autumn Crop 2022 will probably remain high for a while.


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Post time: Mar-26-2022