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Harvest of Cinnamon Bark Comes

The harvest of Chinese Cinnamon/Cassia Bark has eventually come.


In the main producing area each family usually have about five MU ( one Mu is about 667 square meters). And the yield of one Mu is about 1MT dried Cinnamon barks. However, the harvest quantity sometimes depends heavily upon the price. When the price is high, farmers are active in stripping the barks. On the contrary, when the price is too low, farmers are not active in stripping the barks.

One day in early spring, we drove to a mountainous producing area of Cinnamon trees. On the way, we passed quite a few hills on which many Cinnamon trees are grown. We stopped at a few places and talked to farmers stripping Cinnamon Barks.

Unlike last year when it was rainy and cold, now in mid March, the weather in the producing area is warm and humid. There is much sunshine, and little rain. It is very good for farmers to hear Cinnamon barks from the trees.

After visiting some main producing areas, however, we found not so many farmers as last year  stripping Cinnamon barks on the mountains. Some farmers told us that since the Cinnamon market had been sluggish for a while, the price had been declining bit by bit.  Therefore, farmers were not so active in getting in the barks.  According to the current situation, the yield this year will probably be lower than that of last year.

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According to our experience, during the Spring Canton Fair, there will be more demand for Cinnamon, making the price rebound bit by bit. Then farmers will try hard to increase harvest quantity. However, whether farmers can harvest enough Cinnamon barks depends heavily on the weather. If there is too much rain, it will be difficult for farmers to have the barks dried, because the barks are usually dried in the sunshine. If there's too little rain, however, the trees will not contain high enough water content for farmers to smoothly strip the barks.

Usually, the harvest ends in late may, when many sprouts come up on the trees, making it difficult for farmers to strip the barks.

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Post time: Mar-26-2022