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Can pseudo-ginseng flower, tomato juice and banana treat cough?

Pseudo-ginseng flower


There are many causes of cough, such as exogenous wind cold, wind heat, dry fire, etc., which can cause cough. Long-term worry can also cause cough, because emotions can affect the movement of internal qi and blood in the human body. A sentimental person's lungs are vulnerable to injury. The lung's cathartic function is dysfunctional, and the qi will not move smoothly. The lung qi is not smooth, and if it is accumulated in the lungs, it will produce fire, and the qi depression will turn into fire, and cough will occur.

Pseudo-ginseng (Radix Pseudoginseng)02

From this point of view, cough is mostly caused by lung diseases. To solve the problem of cough, it is necessary to dispel the fire first and let the lung qi run smoothly. To clear heat and dispel fire, we can choose pseudo-ginseng flower plus food matching - pseudo-ginseng flower, tomato juice and banana, because pseudo-ginseng flower is rich in panax notoginseng saponins (PNS), which can eliminate inflammation in the lung.


The production method is as follows: 500g of bananas, 5g of dried pseudo-ginseng flower powder, 150g of tomato juice, proper amount of whole egg starch, oil, refined salt, soda powder and wet starch; Peel the banana, cut it into pieces, and wrap it evenly with whole egg starch, soda powder and refined salt; Soak the pseudo-ginseng flower powder with water and use it after softening; Put the oil into the pot, and when it is 60% hot, put the sticky wrapped banana into the pot and fry it. When the banana is fried to golden color, it is better to take out the banana and control the oil of the banana; Don't pour out the oil after frying the banana. Continue to use it. Pour the tomato paste and the soaked and softened pseudo-ginseng flowers into the pan for frying, thicken with wet starch, and then pour in the freshly fried banana pieces. Stir evenly and serve after the pan is started.


Bananas are sweet and cold in nature. According to the principle of "hot is cold", they can neutralize the residual heat in the lungs, and also have the effect of moistening the lungs and generating saliva. They are more suitable for people who are hot and dry and make fire. When the lung heat is removed, the lung qi is unblocked, and the cough disappears naturally. The effect of pseudo-ginseng flower on clearing heat and detoxicating, dredging meridians and collaterals, combined with both, is not only crisp outside and tender inside, sweet and slightly sour, and delicious, but also can clear heat and calm the liver, reduce inflammation and blood pressure, moisten the lungs and relieve cough, and appetizer and smooth the intestines. When coughing, take a breath of pseudo-ginseng flower and tomato juice banana, which can not only prevent diseases, but also enjoy delicious food.


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