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Can Ginger Brown Sugar Soup Treat Cough?

brown sugar ginger soup


Cough can be divided into hot cough and cold cough. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger enters the lung meridian, can sweat externally, and can relieve cough and expectorate internally, which has a good therapeutic effect on cold cough. The main symptoms of cold cough are expectoration and itching of the throat. The treatment effect of loquat paste and Fritillaria cirrhosa D. Don liquid is short or poor, while drinking of ginger brown sugar soup can achieve good cough relief. In this season, it is easy to catch a cold due to cooling and wind. Its symptoms include sore body, stuffy nose and runny nose, cough and phlegm. Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can be used for treatment, and dietotherapy can also be used, which not only eliminates diseases, but also provides health care. Ginger brown sugar water, simple in practice, can drive away the cold and warm the stomach, and has a good effect on people with cold.

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Methods of Cooking Ginger Brown Sugar Soup


1.Raw materials: brown sugar and ginger with skin. Ginger can’t be peeled. Peeling can’t play the overall effect of ginger.


2. In order to make better use of it, the ginger is to be cut into small pieces.


3. Put the ginger into the pot and cook it slowly


4. Turn the ginger slowly the ginger with a shovel to avoid it being burnt.


5. Add a bowl of water when the ginger flavor is strong.


6. Add brown sugar and cook for ten minutes. If there is more water, cook for a while longer.


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