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Can cinnamon treat hyperglycemia?

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I. The principle of cinnamon in treating hyperglycemia


Cinnamon’s hypoglycemic principle is mainly to protect and stimulate pancreatic islets β Cell and promote insulin secretion and improve insulin resistance.


Cinnamomum cassia is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Cinnamomum cassia can warm the middle and nourish the kidney, disperse cold and relieve pain. Cinnamomum cassia has therapeutic effects on cold pain of waist and knee, deficiency cold stomachache, chronic dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold amenorrhea, etc. Modern medical research has found that cinnamon contains a variety of medicinal ingredients such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, coumarin, which can protect and stimulate islets β Role of cells, islets β Under the influence of drugs, cells will secrete more insulin, and then improve hyperglycemia and control the growth of blood sugar.


In addition, the drug components in Cinnamomum cassia can also help transport glucose, improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and improve insulin resistance. The effective ingredients in cinnamon can improve type 2 diabetes. However, the hypoglycemic effect of cinnamon is only in the research stage, and has not been put into the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemic effect. Moreover, the research on cinnamon does not refer to cinnamon itself, but the experiment conducted after the purification of its effective ingredients.

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II. How to use cinnamon to treat hyperglycemia?

1. When cinnamon is soaked in water, the effect of lowering blood sugar is often better. If some patients with high blood sugar can use cinnamon to soak in water to reduce blood sugar values. In addition, cinnamon can also have the effect of lowering blood fat.

2.  Cinnamon can also be stewed into soup to drink. Cinnamon and lean meat can be stewed together in the pot, which can achieve the effects of warming the spleen, warming the waist and knees, and reducing blood sugar. In addition, cinnamon can also be made into egg soup with aconite, which can be cooked together with cinnamon, aconite and eggs, which also has a good hypoglycemic effect for patients with high blood sugar. In addition, cinnamon can also be boiled into rice porridge, which can also play a role in reducing sugar.


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