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Blockade Lifted in Many Producing Areas of Herbs

Earlier this year, because of severe spreading of Omicron, especially in northern China, blockade was enforced upon many producing areas of herbs, thus heavily affecting production and sales of medicinal herbs.

During the blockade, besides people being blocked home, commodities were blocked in the producing areas. Consequently, our procurement of raw materials of Senega Roots and Schizandra Berries was hampered, thus delaying the shipments of those two items for about two months. In despair, we had to cite Force Majeure to get excuse from our customers.


What is even worse,some goods prepared for shipment in the warehouse could not be delivered because no vehicle allowed in. On the other hand, some of our goods prepared in warehouse out of epidemic areas could not be sent to our clients’ warehouse located in epidemic areas. In a word, our business has been injured in one way or another.

Since the spreading of Omicron, Government departments in the epidemic areas have taken many effective measures against the Cov-19 variant. Most people have been vaccinated at least twice; some even thrice. This is a very good weapon against Omicron. Complete nucleic acid test has also been carried out in the epidemic areas. This helps ensure identifying those people infected. To stop the spreading of Omicron, those infected have been quarantined in time.

After the above mentioned measures, the spreading of Omicron in many places have been put under control.

Fortunately, the spreading of Omicron in many producing areas of herbs has eventually been contained. Therefore, we can now begin procuring raw materials for our clients' orders. Soon Shipments will be effected.


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Post time: Apr-14-2022