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High Quality Star Anise Broken with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals

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English name: Star Anise Broken

Botanical Name:  Illicium verum Hook. f.

Part used:  the fruit

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Product Specification

Volatile Oil Content 8.0ml/100g MIN
Moisture 12% MAX
Ash 6% MAX
SO2 30ppm MAX

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High Quality Star Anise Broken1

High Quality Star Anise Broken with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals

High Quality Star Anise Broken2

High Quality Star Anise Broken with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals

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Production Details

Star Anise Broken are the broken pods of the whole Star Anise fruits.

The source of our Star Anise Broken is from audited supplier from Guangxi, China. In Guangxi province, the growing area of Star Anise trees is about 528,000 acres, which is about 80% of the whole producing area of the world.  We buy Star Anise from our audited suppliers who grow the trees on hills with low heavy metals, managing the application of pesticides as per our supervision so that there is no pollution of pesticide residues in the fruits.

There are two crops of Star Anise fruits.  The harvest of spring crop is in March to April; autumn crop in September to October. The pods of Star Anise autumn crop are usually much fatter than that than those of spring crop.  However, the volatile oil content of Star Anise spring crop is much higher than that of Star Anise autumn crop.

There is still another specification of Star Anise:  Withered Star Anise.  Withered Star Anise  are those fruits which are too ripe before being got in so that they have been already dried with all the seeds inside fallen down on grown.  Withered Star Anise looks even skinnier than Star Anise spring crop.   In addition, the volatile oil content of this specification is even higher than that of Star Anise spring crop.

After being picked from the trees,  Star Anise fruits are usually dipped in hot water of about 80 degrees  centigrade  for about 2 minutes,  and then put in the sunshine for about four days.   After that, the Stars will look bright reddish yellow.  However, some people do not dip the Star Anise fruits in hot water for 2 minutes just to save the trouble.   The Stars thus processed show much duller colour.

After we have purchased raw materials from our audited suppliers, our workers will remove the stems from the Star Anise fruits with the special machine.   After that, the Star Anise fruits will be crushed into pieces with another machine.   And our workers will remove impurities and foreign matters from the Star Anise and finally pack them in PP bags of 25kg net each.   During the whole course, strong magnets and metal detectors are applied to avoid pollution of iron and other metals.

Our annual output of Star Anise Broken is about 150 tons.

Our Star Anise Broken enjoys high comments from customers from EU, USA, Japan, Middle East, and South Korea. If you have any demand, call us anytime.

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