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High Quality Ginger Powder with Bright Yellow Color

Short Description:

English name: Ginger Powder

Botanical Name:  Zingiber officinale Rosc.

Part used:  the root

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Product Specification

Colour 1.8ml/100g MIN
Moisture 10% MAX 
Ash 6% MAX
SO2 30ppm MAX
PACKING 5X10^4 cfu/g Max
E.coli <0.3cfu/g
Salmonella not to be found in 25g
Mold & Yeast <10cfu/g
PACKING 1) in craft poly bags of 25kg net with plastic bags inside2) in cartons of 20kg net with plastic bags inside

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High Quality Ginger Powder with Bright Yellow Color

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Production Details

The source of our Dried Ginger Powder is from audited farms far from industrial areas where heavy metals are very low. In addition, during growing of our Ginger plants, application of pesticides is strictly controlled, leaving no residue in the Ginger Roots.

The harvest season of Ginger Roots for making dried ginger flakes is from November to January the next year.  If got in too early, the Ginger Flakes processed will look too skinny.   If got in too late, however, the Ginger Flakes show dull color like Mother Ginger with too many fibers. In addition, if the Ginger Roots are got in too old, the skin will be difficult to be polished off.

From the raw materials of fresh Ginger Roots, workers first of all remove the Mother Ginger Roots, which will look skinny and dull in color after being dried because of too many old fibers. Then the Ginger Roots will be washed in a washing and skinning machine for about 20 minutes.  After that, the soils on the Ginger Roots will be washed away; the skins completely removed.  Then the roots will be cut into flakes in a slicer, which will be dried in a hot air drying machine at about 70 degrees centigrade for about 4 hours,getting beautiful well Dried Ginger Flakes with shining yellow color in the end. 

For the last step, a stainless steel grinding machine is used to grind Ginger Powder with the Ginger Flakes.

Since our workshops are designed as per HACCP rules, our Dried Ginger Flakes are safe and healthy. Ginger products can be used as raw materials for spices and seasonings, as raw materials for animal feeds, as raw materials for shampoos to protect and nourish the hair, and even as raw materials for pharmaceuticals to treat cold and rheumatic pains.

Our annual output of Dried Ginger Flakes is about 200 tons.

Our Ginger products are mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea.

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