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High Quality Fat Galangal Roots with Reddish Brown Color

Short Description:

English name: Galangal Roots

Botanical Name:  Alpinia officinarum Hance

Part used:  the root

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Product Specification

Moisture 10% MAX
Ash 6% MAX
SO2 1)30ppm MAX
2)1000ppm MAX
PACKING in Gunny/PP and plastic bags of 50kg net each

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szyre (2)

Galangal Roots

szyre (3)

Galangal Roots

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Production Details

The source of our Galangal Roots is from audited farms far from industrial areas where heavy metals are very low. In addition, during growing of our Galangal plants, application of pesticides is strictly controlled, leaving no residue in the Galangal Roots.

The harvest season of Galangal is late summer/early autumn each year. Only the Galangal plants of 4-6 years old will be harvested. Young Galangal contains too much fibbers and too little starch. The harvest of Galangal is mostly carried out when the weather is fine. When harvesting, first cut off the stems and leaves, turn the ground to collect the rhizomes, or use a hoe to dig up the rhizomes and shake off the soil.

Having shaken off the soil from the Galangal roots manually dug out, workers cut off the fibrous roots, peel off the scale leaves, wash them with water, cut them into 5-7 cm lengths, spread them out on the drying field and finally expose them to the sunshine until they are 6-7% dried. After that, workers stack to stuff them for 2 to 3 hours. Then the Galangal Roots will continue to be dried in the sunshine until they are well dried, so that the skin is wrinkled and the flesh is bulged with reddish-brown color, thus showing good quality.

Galangal is both a spice and a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine. It can warm the middle and dispel cold, and can also relieve pain. It is a commonly used medicine in clinical practice. In fact, Galangal can not only be used for disease treatment, but also can be used as a health food for people to eat, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Our Galangal products can be used as raw materials for spices and seasonings, as raw materials for animal feeds, as raw materials for shampoos to protect and nourish the hair, and even as raw materials for pharmaceuticals to treat cold and rheumatic pains.

Our annual output of Dried Ginger Flakes is about 300 tons.

Our Galangal products are mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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