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High Quality Chinese Cigarette Cassia with Good Shape

Short Description:

English name: Cigarette Cassia, Cassia Sticks Scraped

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum cassia presl

Part used: the bark of the tree

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Product Specification

Volatile Oil Content  3.0ml/100g MIN
Moisture  12% MAX
Diameter  0.8-1.3cm
Length  8cm
Ash  6% MAX
SO2    <30ppm

Product Pictures

cinnamon sticks scraped011

Cassia Sticks

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Cassia Sticks

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Production Details

The Cigarette Cassia is made by cutting Cassia Barks stripped from the main stems of Cassia trees into small pieces, which are later rolled into small tubes like cigarettes.  The harvest season of Cassia Barks is from March to June each year. The source of our Cassia Barks is from audited supplier from Guangxi—one of the leading growing areas in China.  Since our audited suppliers grow their Cassia trees on hills with low heavy metals, managing the application of pesticides as per our supervision, our Cassia Split is free from pollution of pesticide residues and contains low content of heavy metals, both in conformity with EU and USA standards.

In making Cigarette Cassia (Cassia sticks Scraped), barks of the right thickness--say about 1.5 mm-- must be chosen. If the bark is too thick, the tubes of Cassia Cigarettes will be too big; too however, with ugly shape.

As for scraping of the superficial skin of the Cassia Barks, it can either be done by hands or with machines.   If you want Cigarette Cassia with good shape, manual scraping is required.   As you may know, in machine scraping, since the barks receive too high pressure, many small tubes will be out of shape more or less.

Usually Cigarette Cassia is dried in the sunshine.   After being exposed to the sunshine for about two hours, small pieces of the Cassia Barks cut into about 3cm wide will be soft and naturally form the shape of small tubes.  In order to guarantee good shape, workers need to adjust the shape manually when the tubes are still soft.  

It's very clear from the above description that labour charge in making the Cigarette Cassia is very high-- much higher than the cost of the materials themselves.

Our annual output of Cigarette Cassia is about 300 tons.

Our Cassia Cigarettes are mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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