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High quality Chinese Cassia Whole with Reddish Color

Short Description:

English name: Cassia Whole, Cinnamon Whole

Botanical Name:  Cinnamomum cassia presl

Part used:  the bark of the tree

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Product Specification

Volatile Oil Content 1.7ml/100g MIN
Moisture 12% MAX
Ash 6% MAX
PACKING 1) in cartons of 25kg net each
2) 500gX30 plastic bags /carton

Product Pictures

High quality Chinese Cassia Wh1

High quality Chinese Cassia Whole with Reddish Color

High quality Chinese Cassia Wh2

High quality Chinese Cassia Whole with Reddish Color

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Production Details

The Cassia Whole are the barks stripped from the main stems of Cassia trees. The harvest season of this product is from March to June each year. The source of our Cassia Whole is from audited supplier from Guangxi, China.  Our product is free from pollution of pesticide residues and contains low content of heavy metals.

When the harvest season comes, farmers usually strip the barks and have them dried in the sunshine. After we have purchased the raw materials, our workers will have the barks washed again, and have them dried in the sunshine or in oven.  After drying, workers will remove foreign materials from the barks.   During the processing, strong magnets and metal detectors are applied to avoid pollution of iron and other metals.  Finally workers have the barks pressed and packed in cartons.  

Or as requested by buyers, workers will pack the Cassia whole in the shape of tubes into plastic bags of 500 grams each and then pack the bags into cartons of 30 bags each.

Our annual output of Cassia Whole is about 600 tons.
Our Cassia Whole is mainly used to grind powder for spices and seasoning. It can also be used to grind powder for animal feed. Furthermore, some manufacturers use it to distilled oils for perfumery and pharmacy.

Our Cassia Whole is mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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