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High quality Chinese Cassia Buds with Strong Fragrance

Short Description:

English name: Cassia Buds

Botanical Name:  Cinnamomum cassia presl

Part used:  Flowers

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Product Specification

Sweet Spicy taste, woody aroma.
Moisture 13% MAX
Volatile Oil 1.7-3.0ml/100g 
Ash 6.0% MAX
Packing in PP bags of 25KG net each

Product Pictures

High quality Chinese Cassia Bu1

High quality Chinese Cassia Buds with Strong Fragrance

High quality Chinese Cassia Bu2

High quality Chinese Cassia Buds with Strong Fragrance

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Production Details

Our Cassia Buds are small ones before bursting into flowers. Usually in September to October is the harvest season for Cassia Buds.

First of all, farmers need to manually pick bunches of the buds from the tall Cassia trees. After that, the buds bunches will be dried in the sunshine to such a degree that the stems are rather brittle. If the bunches are not well dried, the stems will be too tough for farmers to pick the buds.

After being picked from the small branches,   the bud stems will be removed with a special machine.   According to the present technology, the stems cannot be completely removed: some buds still carrying short stems, as shown in the picture.

During the course of processing, strong magnets and metal detectors are applied to avoid pollution of iron and other metals.

We buy Cassia buds from farmers who control application of pesticides as instructed by our company so that all the buds are free from pollution of pesticide residues.   And as requested,they grow the Cassia trees on hills with low heavy metals.  Therefore, the heavy metals levels of our Cassia Buds are also up to EU standards.

Our annual output of Cassia Buds is about 60 tons.
Cassia Buds are mainly used as spices and seasoning. They can be also used in the fields of perfumery and pharmacy

Our Cinnamon buds are mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. If you have any demand, please feel Free to contact us at any time.

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