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Green Artemisia Annua with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals

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English name: Dried Artemisia annua

Botanical Name: Artemisia annua L.

Part used: the whole plant

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Colour  Green
Moisture  12% MAX
Ash  6% MAX
SO2    30ppm MAX

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Green Artemisia Annua with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals2

Artemisia Annua

Green Artemisia Annua with Low Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals1

Artemisia Annua

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Production Details

The source of our Dried Artemisia annua is from audited supplier from Guangxi Province, one of the main growing areas of Artemisia annua in China. According to some studies, the Artimisinin in the Artemisia annua grown in Guangxi is the highest in China. The average Artimisinin of Artemisia annua grown in China is about 0.5%; while that in some areas of Guangxi, even as high as 1.2%.

We buy Dried Artemisia annua from our audited suppliers who grow  Artemisia annua plants in remote mountainous areas far away from industries with low heavy metals, managing the application of pesticides as per our supervision so that there is no pollution of pesticide residues in the products.

The best harvest time of Artemisia annua is in April to May before flowering. As you may know after flowering, some leaves have been too old so that the Artimisinin content therein becomes lower.

After being collected from the growing area, the Artemisia annua plants must be placed thinly on the floor for the night. If they are placed too thickly, there will be self-heating, which harms the Artimisinin content. The plant should be dried in the sunshine continuously. Discontinuous drying may harm the green color lowering Artimisinin content.

After we have purchased the raw materials, our workers will carefully remove foreign matters from the plants. After that, The Artemisa annua plants will be cut into the pieces of about 5cm. During the processing, strong magnets and metal detectors are applied to avoid pollution of iron and other metals. Finally workers pack the plants in PP bags of 20kg net each.

The annual output of Dried Artemisia annua of our company is about 100 tons.

Our Dried Artemisia annua is mainly exported to EU, USA, Japan, Middle East and South Korea. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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